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Our products and innovation are at the heart of our business model. We aim to offer our customers products that appeal to every budget and stand out for their quality and their innovation. At the same time, the technology we use makes more efficient and innovative "platforms", offering users even more space for satisfaction they get from the use of our products and services.

our activities


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    We love to create new innovative products. We launch products under the brand name SCANIT. Find them at

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    We want our products to give all users new experiences. With this aim, we created My services, which SCANIT DIY products support, so that users manage our products content.

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    We want to give all users the ability to interact with each other by means of technology, embeded to SCANIT products. One of our recent product category launch is SCANIT PET Tags, so that you keep your pet protected by using our product & services. Find out more details at

press releases

  • Keychain Press Release

     SCANIT Products Press Release

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  • SCANIT Services Press Release

    SCANIT Services Press Release

    Find out more details about My Services.