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Select from the ScanIT library the "experiences" you want to display and each time get different content.
Have fun and Communicate!

As you may already know the SCANIT products display content according to the category of 'experience' you choose to have. So for example if you choose a product that belongs to the " love experience" category the content that displays text, images and video will be related to love. In the same logic all products display content, according to the category they belong such as information, technology, tastes, humor, fun, signs or environment.

The use of services, gives you the ability to display content from any category of 'experiences' you choose to display! You may want for a period instead of displaying your own profile or a specific address on the Internet, to present content from the SCANIT library pages. The content changes randomly each time a person scans the product offering a new experience. Impress your friends by presenting different content to your SCANIT product, every day!

SCANIT is the ultimate gadget of the year and now it can be yours!