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WEAR YOUR VIRTUAL WORLD. With the new series of ScanIT DIY bracelet you can now carry and wear your profile in your arm.


ScanIT DIY Interactive Products

Innovative Interactive ScanIT DIY Bracelets! How to use this unique product:

Step 1. Create your profile on With ScanIT Do It Yourself (DIY) products you have three choices. You can add personal data, display your social networks, your blog or favorite website, as well as a video or photos you like. As a second choice you may display content from ScanIT Library "experience" categories on your ScanIT DIY product. As a third choice add a site of your preference to be directly displayed, once your product is scanned by smartphone. With ScanIT (DIY) bracelet you can display content of one of these three choices each time, with the ability to change among them anytime you like. Keep your fiends informed and share with them your favourite stuff! You will be thrilled with ScanIT innovative services!

Step 2. Scan with your smartphone the ScanIT code printed on each bracelet to connect, via link, to the web and see your profile in a unique way! Choose the ScanIT DIY bracelet and let friends and people you meet scan it and be thrilled with the content they discover!

Step 3. The interactive ScanIT DIY bracelet is a unique gift for friends and colleagues who love new media and innovation in their lives! offers unique ideas to create special gifts for your loved ones. Follow the new trend of ScanIT products!

The ScanIT bracelet belongs to the new generation of interactive products, signed by ScanIT! Unique and innovative, combining usability, entertainment and new experience, listening to the slogan "Live the ScanIT experience"! Feel the power of technology and the thrill of the game. Follow the latest trend and become a member of ScanIT!

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